Creating One Heart Ministries,LLC

Rev. Tina Marie

 Minister, Psychic/Medium, Rieki Master Teacher


I was born with the gift to communicate with the Spirit world. This wonderful gift allows me to help people connect with their loved ones that have passed on and sometimes with their pets, their Spirit Guides, their Higher self, and their Angels. This can help with closure or saying goodbye, finding themselves, and simple everyday life questions.

I am a Minister/ Medium / Psychic / Reiki Energy Healer/ Lightworker / Starrchild / and an Indigo Adult. Below is a short description of each to help you better understand how I can help you.

Medium: This gives me the ability to communicate with the spirit realm, which includes passed loved ones, relatives, and pets, also your Spirit Guides and Angels.

Psychic: I use tarot cards to help you connect with your Guides to get insight and direction on your path. We all need help to guide us when we come to crossroads or confusing choices in our lives.

Lightworker: This is a person born with the natural ability to heal. What i mean by that is, Spirit works through me to heal others on the etheric (energy) level which works on their whole being (mind, body, and spirit). Now there are numerous modalities of energy healing, and I have chosen Reiki to work with, and have received all four levels of attunement. 

Starrchild: This is the group name for the different categories (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow) of gifted children coming into this world since the late 1960s.

Indigo: This is the first wave of these spiritual gifted star children. For more info please click on the tab at top.